M&A Deal Knowledge

Master every aspect of the M&A process with our guides ranging from a general overview of all relevant M&A aspects over preparing the sales documents and finding the right buyers until the closing of the transaction.

Asset Deal M&A advantages and disadvantages

What is an Asset Deal?

Advantages and disadvantages of an asset deal in M&A transactions

Difference Signing and Closing

Difference of Signing and Closing

The difference between signing and closing explained in easy-to-understand words

Share Purchase Agreement SPA in M&A

Share Purchase Agreement

The share purchase agreement is a legal document that defines the terms and conditions under which the shares of a company are transferred

The non-binding offer or indicative offer of an M&A transaction

Non-Binding Offer

The non-binding offer lays out the terms and conditions of a buyer

Meaning Corporate M&A

What is Corporate M&A?

Corporate M&A comprises all the activities that are directly or indirectly linked with corporate transactions in organizations

First bidding Round of the Auction Process

First Bidding Round of the Auction Process

Tasks and responsibilities during the first bidding round

Virtual Data Room in M&A Transactions

Virtual Data Room in M&A

The VDR is the center of the due diligence during the second bidding round

Preparation of Sales Documents

Preparation of Sales Documents

Investment Teaser & Information Memorandum ("IM")

What is Due Diligence? Timeline and Definition

What is Due Diligence ("DD")?

Due diligence is an in-depth analysis of a target company or asset

M&A Management Presentation

M&A Management Presentation

The management presentation is the first meeting between the buyer and the management of the target

M&A Auction: The different Auction types

M&A Auction Types

Broad auctions, targeted auction and negotiated sale

Finding M&A buyers

How to Find Potential Buyers

Strategic buyers vs. financial buyers

Corporate M&A Blueprint

Corporate M&A Strategy

A corporate M&A strategy is a must-have for companies that plan to grow via acquisitions

Main Parties involved in an M&A Transaction

Key Players in M&A Transactions

Get to know the key parties involved in an M&A transaction

The M&A Process Steps

M&A Process Steps

Learn about the general process steps in an M&A transaction