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How to build a Football Field Chart?
Football Field Template and Tutorial for Excel

Excel Football Field Template for free

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How to build a Football Field Chart from Scratch using Excel

Step 1 - Create an input table

Let’s start by creating an input table with names, as well as a bottom and a top range.

Step 2 – Create a simple bar chart

Now create a simple horizontal clustered bar chart. You will find this on the ribbon under “Insert”. Use the “Clustered Bar”. You should now see an empty chart on your sheet.

Step 3 – Select your data

Right-click on the empty chart and click on “Select Data…”.

A window will now pop up. Click on “Add” under “Legend Entries (Series)”. You will have two input fields now (i) “Series name” and (ii) “Series values”. You can ignore Series name and click on the up-arrow under “Series values”. Now select all your values for the bottom range and hit “OK”.

Repeat the exercise by clicking on “Add” again, but now select all your top range values.

Once you are done, your window should look like the picture on the right. Now click on “Edit” under the “Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels” and select the (company) names, they will appear on the y-axis of your chart now.


Your chart should look like the chart on the picture below on the right-hand side.